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When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace

When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace

Posted by admin in March 24, 2017

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When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace-1

Death is a funny, unbelievable thing, isn’t it? It turns around everything with 360-degree speed. We human beings, live as if we are immortal. We plan a lot of things to do, but one day, something happen and nothing left to hope for. With a blink of eyes everything’s gone, but as we have said before, this world is full of surprises and unusual event’s and we at Online funeral template, a funeral template store, are always devoted to bringing such instances to you. Today at this magazine, we are going to talk about a guy, who had faced three near death experiences and knew that death is going to confront him again, but it all happen so quickly that nobody had an idea about. Let’s remove the mist from his story.

It’s a real-life story of Ben Breedlove, a bright, handsome, happy teen who was full of joyful spirits. Almost everybody he knew liked him as he was. Not only did Ben’s equals and family adored him, but his popular YouTube attracted many followers from different parts of the world, making him more of a young internet celebrity.

The typical episode which drew people to his vlog about his advice, particularly, relationship advice. But two of his videos, “This is My Story” part 1 and 2, attracted masses like no other. The reason behind the same is that it becomes Ben’s final message before his death.

Right from his birth, everyone including him and his family knew that days were determined. At his three month checkup, the paediatrician heard a heart susurrate, and the worst thing is that the susurrate persisted, and then the heart doctor diagnosed the little Ben having a severe disease- hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In simple words, Ben had a heavy heart.

This condition was extremely tight for him and was the main reason why Ben faced extreme near death conditions for so many times. One of the most incredible parts of his near-death experiences is having the most surreal kind of visions. Feelings and images that made him believe that heaven was for real.

Talking about the visions Ben had, it all started at the toddler age of 4. Ben had a ruinous, 45-minute long seizure. When asked, he didn’t remember much from the day, but he often talks about seeing a bright light. Ben recalled about having an encounter with peaceful, bright light in the hospital, though, no-one else had any such experience. Even as a toddler, Ben was confident he’d felt an angel.

Years went by, and Ben had a quite okay time with his life, but it’s like God has written his fate in a different manner. After a period of few years, Ben again suffered a cardiac arrest (the second event which led him to near death experience) in his high-school. During the situation, his heart stopped beating for about FULL-THREE MINUTES before he was revived in real. Later when he came to senses, he mentioned to his family that – he was woken up in a “waiting room for the heaven”. There he experienced ultimate bliss and peace.

After that incident, Ben decided that God had given him the vision, so the stop being afraid of dying, and know that heaven was worth dying.

Talking about the third time of cheating death, Ben said, “I was at school, walking down the hall. I could tell, I was about to faint, so I took the bench and sat on it. I passed out. After that, the very thing I see, that I woke up in EMS around me. I couldn’t talk or say anything, just watch what they are doing on me. They put the shock pad on me to revive, I heard one of them said, they are ready, and at the same moment, the other guy said, “Go now! I passed out again, my heart stopped. I passed out and wasn’t breathing till 3 minutes.”

After that, a few months later, on Christmas morning- Everyone had gathered for the celebration, and then and there, Ben passed out while jumping on the trampoline.

His heart never revived again. Maybe he has in the different world, where he was destined to be.

Ben was only 18 years old when he went to the other side.

As and when he passed away, ben’s friends asked his parents about their views on the video. The parents were mourning for his death and had no possible idea about it. They never thought that their son had done something like that. At first, they couldn’t believe that Ben had posted his story on YouTube just a few days before his demise. When they saw the video given below, they realised that Ben is in a better place now.

Today, the video has almost reached more than 9 million views.

In the video, Ben also talks about God, angel, and the other world. Challenge your beliefs with this powerful video by Ben Breedlove.

Click to see the Ben Breed love magical Tale here