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When He Wakes Up on His Own Funeral

When He Wakes Up On The Way To Funeral

Posted by admin in March 10, 2017

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When he wakes up on the way to funeral

What do you feel when you get to know that the dead ones in whose funeral parade you are walking in, gets up suddenly? Do you feel aghast or happy? It’s hard to say, well, someone should take people reviews when this happened in India. People were shocked when the 17 years old Kumar, who’d been reported as a dead by relatives and parent awoke in his death-casket on the way to the funeral.

Today in the magazine of the Online funeral template, we are going to talk how Kumar Marewad, a 17 years old boy come back from the funeral.

Kumar Marewad was bitten by a homeless dog about 25+ days before in a city in India. The bite from the dog causes him a viral infection, leading him to get ill from high fever.

His parents hoped that he would recover, but sadly it hasn’t happened. His condition kept on going bad at the hospital and there comes a time when he was on the ventilator. Eventually, Kumar was taken off from the life support. Doctors told his family members that he won’t get by it and possibly die within a few days.  When asked from his brother-in-law about the incident, Sharanappa Naikar said, “We have made our heart to take Kumar home after doctors told us that his options of living were quite small once taken off the ventilator.” Nevertheless, the family brought him back. Soon after, they were sure that he had gone from this world. They started making funeral arrangements to pay him the last visit of his life. But as they begin to be escorted his body to the funeral service, he suddenly comes alive.

Kumar suddenly opened his eyes, shaken both his hands and legs and starts breathing at a faster pace. In a rush, people get amused with what just happened but did take him to the hospital and put back on a ventilator.

When asked the doctor about his amusing incident, Mahesh Neelakhantannavar said, “We think Kumar is suffering from meningoencephalitis, an infection caused due to dog bites,”

As of now, Kumar is still recovering from the hospital; temporarily his family is looking for support from their people and community to continue his treatments.

You can come forward and help them if you sincerely wish to. Now tell what do you think of this weirder than fiction story? Let us know in the comments!

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