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When a man found his purpose near death and become doctor

When a man found his purpose in death and become doctor

Posted by admin in March 31, 2017

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When a man found his purpose in deathIrrefutably, if there are something matters in our life, it’s the PURPOSE, the reason why we do things, the goal which excites us to jump off from bed every morning and keep us up late night, it’s the dreams. Ideas matter, aren’t they? Well, I surely agree.

But what do you think if you got to know that someone discovered his purpose of life when death was banging on his doorway? How do you feel about it? Well, it’s not mere the illusion but the reality of someone life. We at the online funeral template store, being the best funeral templates online provider, keeps bringing remarkable stories to you.

Today we are bringing a story of someone who nearly died in an accident, but found his real purpose. Let’s clean the cloud of his motivating real-life story.

This story is about Kevin Morton Jr. who was inches away from death after getting shot during a robbery happened in 2007. He was working at an Arby’s in Michigan when the whole incident took place.

He was on his duty like always, when few masked people enter the Arby with the prospect of theft. In the counter action, Kevin got hit with bullets and just approached death.

To save this 22-years-old life, he was rushed to Detroit’s St. John Hospital with least expectancy to live. But, there’s a saying that if God has to save you, no matter what- you will come out of everything. And here what shows up as an angel is not any fairy in Kevin’s dream, but his Doctor. Doctor Dharti Sheth Zelmanski, undertook Kevin’s case under his shed and worked endlessly to guarantee Kevin’s life over his dicey condition.

“Whether we take it as intuition, expertise or a hard-to-believe miracle, we put some extra sutures in and the bleeding stopped,” the surgeon said while talking about the whole incident.

He had 10 percent chance of survival, the doctor said. But yet, he survived.

After spending 50 long- healing days in the hospital, Morton was ready to go back to home. Undeniably, it was just a different example of what passionate medical professionals do every day- saving people life from various conditions and situations.

But what happened afterwards, is more enthralling- the whole incident ended up turned around Kevin’s future. He stopped whatever he was doing at that moment, and decided to pursue the profession of a doctor. At this date, the 31-year-old is enthusiastically starting his residency, at the very same hospital where he came back to life.

The road to recovery was not less painful, it was full of dark nights, but it’s the same one which encourages Kevin to rethink his purpose in life- and gather motivation from the healing hands that made him complete again.

“The compassion and devotion that Dr Sheth exemplified in trying to save my life- I just wish to take that forward,” Kevin said on becoming a doctor.

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