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What Happen to People who had Near Death Experiences?

What Happen to People who had Near Death Experiences?

Posted by admin in May 19, 2017

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What Happen to People who had near Death Experiences

One of the most concerning topics of what would happen after death remains a controversial subject and a shadowy one too. According to a survey, it was found out that around 55 percent of people would be undeniably confident regarding the existence of an afterlife and 37 percent don’t have any idea about what happens after life ends and lastly around 8 percent of the population just assumes that no afterlife exists.

However, some people who’ve crossed hands with near death experiences would be able to correctly describe the answer with an inevitable outcome for the same. Today at the funeral magazine and blog section of the funeral template store we discuss the brief experiences of people who’ve seen life and glimpses of the afterlife as well. Online funeral template website also shows what people learn out of these experiences and how these completely change their lives.

Typically, individuals who share a close encounter with death and later on get back to their life, start seeing life with a whole new perspective and change a lot of their previous habits. An entirely new life begins for people who’ve experienced visions of the afterlife.

The general experiences were ranging from anything like ‘blissful’ feelings or just sheer disappointment of not being able to meet personal ambitions or just terrifying emptiness. People who at some point of life had a near death experience had a shared vision of their souls leaving their bodies and floating upwards.

Watching your soul leaving the body

After actor Peter Sellers had near death experience of a heart attack, he reported: “I felt myself move my body. I just got floated away from my physical form, and I saw people carting away my body to the hospital. I did not get terrified about my body as I felt fine and only my body was suffering.”

Most people who had a near-death experience saw their physical bodies lying down below, and they were also able to have sight of all things that were happening to their bodies, like doctors and nurses working and family members who grieved.

After returning to life, they would vividly be able to describe every detail of what happened to their bodies, even though physically they all were not conscious.

Perceiving alterations in space and time

Those who’ve been through a near-death experience said that they were aware of reflective changes in both space and time while they floated away from their physical forms. People who had such experiences reported that they could sense every dimension of time and space at once instead of having separately, as it is possible on Earth. According to Beverly Brodsky, in his illustration Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience, “Time and Space are just illusions present around us, beholding us to the physical realm. In the other spirit realm, everything would be present all together.

Experiencing the light of love

People who reported on meeting powerful spiritual being reported it have a form of a bright light. The light that was seen was a lot brighter than what people see on Earth, and seeing the light would not hurt, nor they felt uncomfortable through its presence.

On the contrary, most people who’ve experienced such phenomenon describe that the light is radiating love, leading them to be at peace regarding the journey they have gone through. People would sometimes think of light being as god’s manifestation, and sometimes also as an angel. Often, they would report feeling intense while being enveloped in such light. In the book, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences one person also quoted that ‘I got immersed in a beautiful light and the light would still touch me with awe, and immediately I got in tears after the experience.”

Going through Intense Emotions

In their afterlife experiences when people perceive they are about to be in heaven, they would feel it as bliss, and mostly they would not want to leave even if there is any left-out task to do on Earth. However, people who were taken to hell were frightened and immediately wished to return to Earth to change their life and live it in a right way.

Post near death incidences, most people change their way of living and live in a much better way than before the experience. As stated in the famous NDE book, Life after Life written by Raymond A. Moody, MD, people who’re back from their afterlife experience to regular earth lives are mostly seen with more positive traits like generosity, less materialism and kindness and they are much improved than before.

Check out the video of people sharing how they felt during their time out of their body.