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Man Die Unexpectedly, His best friend Horse Broke Down at the Funeral

Posted by admin in February 24, 2017

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Although everybody knows the strong connection human beings feel among themselves, but we often ignore the amount of love and affection animals shows to us. Whenever the time comes, our pets, may it be a dog, horse or something else shows us … Continue reading

Attending Their Own Funeral? That’s what They Did

Posted by admin in November 17, 2016

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We human, lives a pretty busy life, busy enough to keep us occupied every single hour of the day, busy enough that we never realise that we are moving forward to the end, and this life like everything else is … Continue reading

The Best Reincarnation Story Unfold- One Girl & 10 Lives

Posted by admin in October 12, 2016

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Do you believe in the notion that people come back again after the die, not in the form of the ghost, but by taking a new birth at some other place?  Do you believe this can happen, if yes, then … Continue reading