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Heaven is real, said the Dr. who Survived 24 Minutes without Oxygen

Posted by admin in May 21, 2017

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Life and Death experiences have surely been a controversial topic to discuss as still people are trying to find out what goes after life. Meet Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon who would closely describe herself as to a … Continue reading

5 Real Life Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

Posted by admin in May 8, 2017

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Do you think that there is something or someone who is watching us now? Do you believe in the existence of a greater power? The idea that there’s someone to whom we are accountable for everything we do, the idea … Continue reading

Trouble Dealing with Funerals? Check Out the Best Funeral Etiquette Guide

Posted by admin in January 30, 2017

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Death, however uncertain it seems to be, play a fundamental role in our life. In the corner of our hearts we know that we have to leave this world and die one day and no matter how hard we try, … Continue reading

This Lady Proved Humanity by Helping The Homeless To Reach At His Dead Mother’s Funeral

Posted by admin in January 16, 2017

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The world is changing round-the-clock, the far we are approaching in technology, the clinical we are getting. And as much as the world is concerned, it’s hard for anyone to believe a stranger. Even our media is becoming more negative … Continue reading

When This 40 Years Old Mom Came Back From Death, She Had An Interesting Afterlife Story To Tell

Posted by admin in January 3, 2017

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How many of believes in the existence of the world other than ours? How many of you think that there’s a world where we went after the end of our mortal journey on this planet? This woman has seen what … Continue reading


Posted by admin in January 16, 2016

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Musical Remembrance of A Beautiful Life. People often feel the loss for words, at the time of death of someone close. All the moments, may it be happy or sad, joyful or depressing, seems valuable when someone we love leaves … Continue reading

Funeral Service Program Template Word, Order of Service Templates

Posted by admin in February 28, 2013

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Nobody ever wishes to host or visit a funeral program, but one cannot always do what he wishes and at times circumstances makes the thing to happen of their own. Losing some one, either relatives or close friends, is an … Continue reading

Funeral Memorial Service Program

Posted by admin in September 17, 2012

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A funeral order of service is basically a booklet or pamphlet that outlines the events of the ceremony or memorial services which usually gives personal information about the deceased. The family of the deceased can work in tandem with the … Continue reading

Basics of High Quality Funeral Program Templates

Posted by admin in August 31, 2012

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A funeral template is that which has a design and the foundation already laid out for you. It comes ready with a filler text along with a background image already placed into the layout. It’s made to help you make … Continue reading

IWork Template Pages Vs Apple iWork Templates

Posted by admin in August 27, 2012

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  The iWork Template Pages are an application for MAC OSX and equivalent to Microsoft Word. However, the two applications are entirely different. One such example is that the Pages has many helpful features that are absent in Microsoft Word … Continue reading