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Theft of a ring from a dead grand mother, gave her what she has never imagined

Posted by admin in February 13, 2017

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We human do mistakes by considering ourselves bigger than anyone else, we misunderstood us as the greatest power, the greatest energy while being sentient about the fact that there is someone bigger who made this world, that there’s a power … Continue reading

Letter from The Dead Man Melts Steve Irwin’s Parent Heart

Posted by admin in November 24, 2016

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One of the most beautiful thing about stories is that came from reality. Today on Online funeral template message, we are going to revive one such beautiful memory of a famous wild-life expert, a television personality, and an esteemed environmentalist. … Continue reading

The Best Reincarnation Story Unfold- One Girl & 10 Lives

Posted by admin in October 12, 2016

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Do you believe in the notion that people come back again after the die, not in the form of the ghost, but by taking a new birth at some other place?  Do you believe this can happen, if yes, then … Continue reading