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What Happen to People who had Near Death Experiences?

Posted by admin in May 19, 2017

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One of the most concerning topics of what would happen after death remains a controversial subject and a shadowy one too. According to a survey, it was found out that around 55 percent of people would be undeniably confident regarding … Continue reading

When This 40 Years Old Mom Came Back From Death, She Had An Interesting Afterlife Story To Tell

Posted by admin in January 3, 2017

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How many of believes in the existence of the world other than ours? How many of you think that there’s a world where we went after the end of our mortal journey on this planet? This woman has seen what … Continue reading

A Funeral without the family, but with the loving Strangers, A Funeral of Soldiers

Posted by admin in November 30, 2016

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Death is uncertain, it can happen anytime, anywhere to almost anyone. And the hardest part is that you don’t know when it’s coming to you. But, today this article is not about the uncertain death of yours, but of those … Continue reading

Policemen Stops the Black Guy Who Hated Cops On His Way To Sister’s Funeral, But Helped Him Get There

Posted by admin in November 30, 2016

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Undeniably, the world we live in is full of negativity. People are fighting everywhere or even killing each other, and even spread hatred instead of positivity. Every day we see such a spike in the world’s crime rate. But let … Continue reading

Letter from The Dead Man Melts Steve Irwin’s Parent Heart

Posted by admin in November 24, 2016

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One of the most beautiful thing about stories is that came from reality. Today on Online funeral template message, we are going to revive one such beautiful memory of a famous wild-life expert, a television personality, and an esteemed environmentalist. … Continue reading

Attending Their Own Funeral? That’s what They Did

Posted by admin in November 17, 2016

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We human, lives a pretty busy life, busy enough to keep us occupied every single hour of the day, busy enough that we never realise that we are moving forward to the end, and this life like everything else is … Continue reading

As Students Finished the Songs for Their Beloved Teacher, She Passed Away

Posted by admin in November 8, 2016

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Our life as we live is nothing less than a mystery. Whatever we do, whatever happens, and whatever remains, all be a part of something unexplained, something which is beyond our logical understanding. We at Online funeral template are always … Continue reading