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Man Die Unexpectedly, His best friend Horse Broke Down at the Funeral

Posted by admin in February 24, 2017

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Although everybody knows the strong connection human beings feel among themselves, but we often ignore the amount of love and affection animals shows to us. Whenever the time comes, our pets, may it be a dog, horse or something else shows us … Continue reading

Landon Dies & Returns from Afterlife to Tell His Mom about Heaven!

Posted by admin in October 28, 2016

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Death has the magical power to surprise people, to shock people’s truth, sometimes with memory, sometimes with love, and sometimes with terror. Here we are offering the story of a small kid who went to coma after dangerous accidents, and … Continue reading


Posted by admin in December 30, 2015

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To live in the heart that we leave behind is not to die. -Thomas Campbell Things become hard when someone close left us and goes away forever, but things become harder when their memories are also gone. Cherish your loved … Continue reading