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How to Plan a Memorial Service, Celebration of Life Ideas For Service

How to Plan a Memorial Service Organizing a memorial service

Posted by admin in February 18, 2013

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A person dies and what remains behind is his or her memory- the memories of what he has done, said and stood for all through the life. After the death, the family members of the deceased might decide to organize a memorial service in remembrance of their loved and respected one. The purpose of the service is to bring out and share the feelings, emotions and the memories of the deceased.

The invitations of the memorial service are sent to the near and dear ones informing them about the service to be held. The format, content and design of the memorial service template can be selected online from websites. However, these do need customization of various components such as date, time, venue and other information. There are designated places where this custom information can be provided. To provide this information, you first need to plan and organize this service event, taking care of the following:

1      Set the date and the time of the service: You shall take a suitable time and date for the service. Most often a weekend or some holiday is a good choice since it would not be inconvenient for the people to attend it without disturbing their work schedule. If the family and friends have come from distant places for the funeral ceremony, it is important that the date and time shall be selected close to this ceremony so that they can attend the same.

2      Venue where the service will be held: This decision is important since it shall be taken on the basis of the number and the profile of the people to be invited. It can be some community hall, or amphitheatre or some outdoor space which can be used for this service. For high profile invitees, it is important to select a venue which is secure and also affords privacy.

Besides the selection of proper venue, arrangements shall also be done for seating, standing on a suitable podium, microphone and speakers, guestbook and food. You might even decide to showcase a memorabilia of rare pictures and videos of personal life of the person. For this, prior arrangement of showing the same to the whole gathering needs to be made.

3. Selection of guest speakers and intimating them: The guest speakers shall be selected on the basis of how close they were to the deceased. These can even be some of the dignitaries present on the occasion who would have known the person. Though the people volunteer to speak, special requests can be made to some select guest speakers. For this, they need to be informed in advance that they would be addressing the gathering at the memorial service.

4. Preparing the invites and sending off the same: The list of invitees shall be prepared with full caution, not to miss out anyone important. The general approach shall be to develop a comprehensive list and not to be restrictive. After the list is prepared and you know how many people have to be invited, you can order for the prints of the memorial service template that you have selected.