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Posted by admin in February 12, 2016

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2 Blog. Order of Service

It’s really sad when someone close to us, leave us in person and become a memory. There’s no doubt that death is one of the most painful experience we all had in our life. But, life is a journey, and we have to move along with it. Funeral might be the painful and depressing experience in your life, but it’s extremely important for us to conduct everything related to it in the ideal way. If you haven’t really planned and executed the memorial service in your entire life, then you must be unaware of how to set one funeral program. That’s why; here we are providing a complete funeral service (order of service) outline that can be held at a funeral home. Basically, there is no right or wrong way to conduct things within a program, it is absolutely up to the family and anything is suitable wherever they seem right.

All the major items of a funeral are placed in a customary order of service program. However, ensure yourself that you can easily modify the program in your own way. As far as title of the order of service is concerned, there are many such as Order of Service, In (Name)’s Memory, or A Celebration of Life. You can choose any of them.

Basically, it is a customary thing, to put the person who is going to deliver or share something in the right of what it is they will be delivering. Moreover, you can even place their relationship to the deceased below their name.

Here’s is a prime example of one such Order of Service-

Musical Prelude        :    Transformation Praise Team
Opening Remarks        :    Rev. Peter Smith
Opening Hymn        :    His Eye is on the Sparrow
Opening Prayer        :    Rev. Peter Smith
Scripture Reading    :    Rev. Jake Saints Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9
Words of Comfort    :    Rev. Peter Smith
How we remember Him    :    Sarah Hall-Smith (Sister)
Solo            :    Lara Spurling
Special Remarks        :    Mary Darby
Solo            :    Lara Spurling
Obituary        :    To be read in Silence
Selection        :    Transformation Praise Team
Eulogy            :    Rev. Jake Saints
Prayer for the family    :    Rev. Peter Smith
Recessional Hymn    :    The Lord’s My Shepherd

Hence, today we have shared the prime outline of order of service used in a funeral program Template. Order of service is an exclusive part of the Easy Funeral Program Template, or Funeral templates created by Online Funeral Templates. If you wish to know anything about our funeral template services, contact us. We will be more than glad to assist you.

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