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Man Dies Suddenly, Little Brother holds Mic and Pays Tribute that No One Can Imagine

Man Dies Suddenly, Little Brother holds Mic and Pays Tribute that No One Can Imagine

Posted by admin in May 19, 2017

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Man Dies Suddenly, Little Brother holds mic and Pays Tribute that no one can imagine

The year 2014 remained too unfortunate for a mother named Yvonne who had gone through a terrible loss that no other parent should endure. In a very tragic incidence, her eldest son passed away who was only 24 years of age.

To pay final remittances, the deceased’s little sister and father, both spoke at the funeral. However, the whole funeral grieved in a more emotional state when his younger brother, Svend Lund Moller Paulsen, took the mic. Having own special ways to say goodbye to someone dear is a painful but appreciative way, and here in the funeral magazine column of our funeral template store, we share the heart touching story of the little brother whose special tribute would just melt us in tears.

At Online Funeral template can be used in such incidences to dedicate your love and affection to the deceased and their family members as well. The grieving little brother just had his special way of saying goodbye to his brother. He decided to sing his very special version of the classic ballad. “You Raise Me Up.” The first verse of the song was on par with the lyrics, and later he had his own lyrics for the second verse of the song which was personally dedicated to the bond between him and his brother.

We have provided an excerpt of his tailored lyrics for the song:

It’s no life without you bother

It’s not the same with you not by my side
We were always there for each other
Now you are gone…

Being in a state of devastation and emptiness, despite knowing the fact that his brother is not anymore, he still “mobilized his mind.” as Yvonne told, through this unique talent for honoring him. People attending the funeral could observe the pain in his voice, but he would get through the entire song with conviction and strength.

The little brother said, “We wish to meet him again in heaven,” Upon big brother’s tragic death his younger brother wanted to dedicate something special for honoring his brother. He believed that his brother would be listening to him from the very beautiful place he’s now is. He sang a unique version of the song ‘You Raise Me Up’ was a touching rendition, but the way he sang the second verse in memory of his late brother was truly much beyond beautiful; this was indeed a graceful way of offering remembrance to life took at such a young age. With such a special way to remember the young soul, it is evident that there must’ve been a special bonding between him and his brother.

It was too soon to lose a beautiful part of the family, and the person’s friends and relatives were present there to grieve him. No one is ever ready to face such tragedy. Everyone puts their best to honor the one who just left away. Anyone does not know whether their loved ones are watching them, but it always is better to let your special ones know that they have touched your life in the life and afterlife too.

Upon losing his big brother, the little brother evidently wanted to give a special goodbye to dedicate how he felt for him as a big brother. We always know that tributes to our loved ones will never go in the air, somewhere from the other dimension, they are still with us, and their memories never fade away. Acknowledging the sudden loss of a dear one is something that no one wants to hear and the hard times faced with such incidences just brings everyone in a bad emotional state. We know that the special goodbye offered by the little brother to his elder sibling would not be missed and the love and memories between families would exist forever.

You can watch the brother’s heart touching song version of “You Raise Me Up,” and can notice that the changes in the second verse are just specially tailored for him.
Our prayers are with this heartbroken family!… May the young soul rest in peace!

Watch the whole funeral story below