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Free customize Funeral Cards Templates and Bookmarks - Thememorybookshop

Customized Funeral Cards and Bookmarks

Posted by admin in February 15, 2013

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It is a formal tradition among the Catholic Christians to hold a formal funeral ceremony wherein the attendees are announced of the development and informed about the funeral mass ceremony to be held. This requires the creation of various funeral cards such as the announcement cards, the order of service cards, the funeral bookmarks or even the more detailed funeral program cards, to name a few. Some member of the family or friend has to make arrangements for these cards timely so that these can be utilized in time. One of the ways to get this done is by using the funeral templates provided online.

By using these online templates of funeral cards, you do not have to think of the messages to be written on the cards for the various stages of the funeral. These templates come with professionally written messages including the obituaries and select poems and hymns. The same is also true for the printed cards as well but with one crucial difference that most of the websites providing the online templates also provide the facility of customization before getting these printed.

Customization helps you in incorporating certain details which are unique and specific for your purpose only. This includes the names of people (deceased, pastor, pall-bearers, etc) and name and address of church,  date of birth and death of the deceased, photo of the deceased and specifics of the program which might vary. With this feature, some sites might even allow you to change the layout and placement of the various components on the funeral cards. Further, these templates can be downloaded onto your computer and the same can be emailed to the attendees or these can be printed either at your own end or by the website itself (if it provides the printing services of these cards).

However, extent of customization allowed varies from one website to the other. Some sites might even allow you put in your own poems, hymn and obituary message while some others might restrict you to the variables components only. Depending on your precise requirements of customization, you can make a selection from a range of online websites that provide this option.

Besides the funeral cards, you can also have the choices of some other customize funeral template products such as bookmarks. Funeral bookmarks are used to keep the memories of the deceased alive for a long time to come. These are one of the memorial keepsakes which could be placed in your books and notebooks, for keeping the memories of the deceased alive for a long time for gaining positive inspiration and energy from the life of the deceased. Customization of these web templates permits you to use the limited space of the funeral bookmarks the way you want.