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The Best Reincarnation Story Unfold- One Girl & 10 Lives

Posted by admin in October 12, 2016

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Do you believe in the notion that people come back again after the die, not in the form of the ghost, but by taking a new birth at some other place?  Do you believe this can happen, if yes, then … Continue reading

Truth Behind Reincarnation- 4 Startling stories of Birth, Death & Rebirth

Posted by admin in October 3, 2016

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“Birth-Live-Death-Repeat” Just like we human Eat -Sleep-Repeat, our souls follow the similar track in the different segments. Now whether we accept that or not, reincarnation is reality. It happens, with me, with you and with all of us. Hindus Holy … Continue reading

TOP 5 Extreme Facts About Mysterious Funeral Rituals

Posted by admin in September 27, 2016

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Funeral could be the saddest occasion in anyone’s life, and death of a close one is really hard to recover. But that’s not the reason behind exemplifying this blog; it’s embracing the cultural and geographical differences in terms of funeral rituals. … Continue reading


Posted by admin in April 14, 2016

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What If I come to you that you can experience what it feels to be dead, attend your own cremation, and even experience your rebirth? You would think I am insane, but practically I am not. This is real now. … Continue reading


Posted by admin in April 7, 2016

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Death is the greatest truth of someone’s life. Undeniably, it’s an unbearable pain when someone close leaves us in person and become a memory. But, remember life never stops for everybody. Until now, people die and become a memory, but … Continue reading