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After Life Story of Sharon Stone – “To me, death was quite peaceful.”

After Life Story of Sharon Stone – “To me, death was quite peaceful.”

Posted by admin in May 17, 2017

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After Life Story of Sharon Stone--1

Life always keeps throwing new stuff at us and every new experience is just a life lesson we need to grasp and take on with us; this is what happens to people who’ve struggled between life and death, and they’ve now started a new life with a whole new perspective. With our little peeks at the lifestyle of celebrities and their day to day perks of life, we might consider it to be a god given lifestyle, but sometimes our sight forgets to state the apparent fact that celebrities are also humans and have their ups and downs in life. If we ascend towards a life changing experience, we would like to share the memorable experience of the gorgeous television personality and the great Basic Instinct Diva Sharon Stone.

A lot of her personal experiences in life, as well as the afterlife, have been revealed by the Diva Sharon Stone and the actress is quite resilient in real life as she portrays through screen characters.

The thought of going through a major brain hemorrhage or a brain aneurysm would be quite scary to almost anyone, yet the actress suffered one more than ten years ago. Today at our stories section of online funeral template magazine we’re going to learn about the near death experience of Sharon Stone and how it affected her life. At online funeral template store, we’re going to share her exact words and how she felt at her out of body experience.

The actress didn’t have the slightest idea about the problem she had when all of a sudden a splitting headache forced her to take a trip to the hospital emergency room.

The hospital that she visited diagnosed that she had been going through brain hemorrhage and would immediately need to undergo surgery. The surgery was a success but getting back to the recovery part was a challenging thing. “Upon waking up from experience, an entirely new life started for here where she needed to learn to walk, write, hear, remember, talk and every necessary thing over and over again till she got perfect.

Her experience with the afterlife was quite awakening and surprising for some as she described death to be a pleasant experience and stated that there’s nothing to be scared of death. Stone said ‘I saw some of my friends and wished to meet a few of my buddies… people who were real close and dear to me (who passed away). This distinct little experience carried me to places in here and beyond as well.

She added, ‘however everything was quite fast, and it swept all of a sudden and I got back in my body.’

‘It almost affected my life so profoundly that it wouldn’t be the same.’

She also said that the NDA experience she had provided her with some benefits that would be helpful for continuing her further life.

‘I won’t be afraid of death, and to other people, I get to tell that it’s quite a fabulous thing and death would be a gift.

‘When death comes to you, as it will, it would be the beautiful and glorious thing to happen. An incredible sense of well-being surrounded me at that time and an additional reason that it’s so close. Talking about death – it was nearing me, and it felt quite safe. It’s not a scary and far away thing.’

Being among a few greatest survivors of Hollywood the Basic Instinct star had two near death experiences where she escaped both situations to continue back with her life. The first was one just after she was finished with “Total Recall” with Arnold. “While I was driving along the Sunset Boulevard, I got confronted through a car that drove straight at me on the road’s wrong lane,” she reported.

“I got hit in the head, and I have no idea how I was alive in such situation. That time I sprained my back, dislocated my jaw, twisted my knee and broke a rib. I got put in a back brace and was told to stay in bed for about six months.”

11 years ago when she suffered through her most challenging days of her when she got treated for a brain hemorrhage, her greatest fear was being bed ridden for the rest of her days. The Quick and the Dead star added that she’s got a ‘big fortune’ and hasn’t been alone in the universe.

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