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5 Real Life Clues that HUMAN souls exist

5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

Posted by admin in April 12, 2017

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5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

Our lives pretty much move in a nutshell. We born in a family, surrounded by our parents, grand’s and siblings, grows up in a school or educational environment, went to college in a friendly neighbourhood, and spends most of the lives in an office, home and nearby activity locations. That’s our whole life in a nutshell is. Although, we travel to find the greatest pleasure, but often remain confused about our existence. Are we our bodies or something else? Most of us, still think that we are just what we see and one day, when the time is right, and the life will be completed, we will die, and there will be no longer us in the materialistic form. There will be a funeral held, where people will exchange kind words, and the only place we will exist is the memories of our loved ones. That’s where we will be recreated, but what Online funeral template magazine have found this time, talks about the entirely different theory.

It speaks of the existence of the soul, something that has a bigger power and insight than our body, something that separates our reality to the material body and appearances.

A soul is a spiritual, immortal part of a human being that pre-exists the body and stay alive even after death. It’s the only way people can rebirth and start a new life into a different body. There’s a lot of holy books and religions that talk about the existence of souls and higher energy, but this time, it all is proved at the page of the online funeral template. Let’s get started-:

1 Souls Captured on Photos and Videos

Like, at the different part of lives, people have seen pictures, and videos that somehow a little blurry or carry the ominous sign that exemplifies that souls exist. There’s no pure evident that these cameras are purely capable of doing so or not, it’s very hard to explain, but they somehow give a promising picture. For example-

In a horrible motorbike crash in an area, someone has captured the site and found that it possesses the blurry smoke like the image of the person who had just died. It’s very hard to explain, but it was captured in the video.

2 Near Death Experiences

We all knew that there had been multiple scenarios when someone almost dies and brought back to life. Even on the page of online funeral template magazine, we have shared a lot of real-life stories that talk about the existence of a soul. Here you can have a look. Although Harward Neurosurgeon, Dr Ebin Alexander disagrees, he believes that souls are something that does not exist. But one day, he fell into a coma for a week, due to some severe diseases, during that period he claimed to have a surreal journey into the afterlife, in which he experienced something so real that made him seem human world as artificial. He said that afterlife is filled with love, and the communication was telepathic, after seven days, his disease healed automatically, and he came back to his senses. He was so intrigued by the experience that he had written a book about it- namely, the proof of heaven.

Experiment conducted by a Russian Scientist

He heliographed a person using a particular bio-electrographic camera at the time of his death. Curts, the scientist, used to teach physics at St. Peter university and is famous for his research on human energy fields.  The bio-electrographic creates a high-intensity electric field and produces a flow around the objects. He has shown how did the life energy leave the body. As per his research, the life first leaves the hands, the chest and the other segment.

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