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5 Real Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

5 Real Life Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

Posted by admin in May 8, 2017

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5 Real Life Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

Do you think that there is something or someone who is watching us now? Do you believe in the existence of a greater power? The idea that there’s someone to whom we are accountable for everything we do, the idea that everything in this universe runs through a super power who sees us all. Across boundaries of the nations, if there’s one thing that’s carried along is the belief, idea about the existence of a superpower. Some call him Jesus, some call him Allah, some name him Waheguru, etc., he’s there, beyond times and religions.

But does it make sense? To bring you to the specific stage, today on the magazine of the online funeral template, a funeral template store, we are offering some real-life miracles that will make you wonder about everything. Let’s get started-

1. Five years Old and Grandmother Struck by a moving car-
It was a cold winter day when the grandmother was walking down with her five years old grandson, suddenly a black car comes swirling into the wrong lane and hits the parked car which dragged the grandmother and the son beneath the moving car. The whole incident was captured on the CCTV as they walked down the snowy and icy street. Climate is one major reason behind the accident, but the way the grand mom and son survived with slight injury from the crash, is truly miraculous. It gives us the feeling that there’s someone out there.

2. Man walking on water in a river in India-
Walking on water has been considered as a miracle and a sign of a supernatural power since biblical times. There’s a man who appeared to walk on water casually in the middle of the day. One might consider this to be an illusion or a trick, but the man walking by for himself, not performing any of the art for the spectator, the only group of people able to catch the whole story are the one standing on the shore including the cameraman himself.

3. Balloon Comforts Grieving mother –
The Strange paranormal moment when a white balloon confronts a grieving mom at the funeral ceremony of her son in the Philippines. Her 7-year-old boy had died in September 2015. The family has released two videos. In the first video, we see the boy’s white coffin covered in the flowers and the balloon. In the second, we see one of the balloon makes his way to reach his mother. Without any physical intervention or manipulation, the balloon found his way up to the boy’s grieving mother and tried to make a physical connection with her. After the incident, the mother seems calm. According to the family, the spirit of the boy is trying to contact the parents and siblings in his wake before passing on to the next world.

4. Angel of 9/11 Caught on tape-
The United States was devastated by the World Trade Centre attack on September 11, 2001; the consequences rocked the world. Although, many supernatural phenomena have been recorded in the controversial incident. These photographs are captured at the National Sept 11 memorial and museums, where behind an image an angelic face has appeared due to the chemical reactions. Some might agree that this is the effect of the pareidolia, a psychological response when our brain tried to transcend something like a facial perception, but this is not right. While looking at the video and the image, you will realize that it’s an angel face.

Watch the whole video with the 5th miracle here. Let us know what you feel about it.