Life teachings of the man who has encountered 12000 deaths

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Life teachings of the man who has encountered 12000 deaths

If we talk about the greatest triumphs of life, death will be on the top of it. Death is the end of the mortal journey to which we all are moving forward to. Moment after moment, hours after hours, we are progressing towards our end. It’s coming, it’s calling, and we are moving on to it. How strange is that we live on every day thinking that we will never come to an end? That all this is forever, but sadly it isn’t anything is.

So, today on the magazine of the Online funeral template, a funeral template store for letter cards, announcement and bookmarks, we are not going to talk about death or afterlife story, but we will be talking about life, we are going to share the experience of someone who has seen over 12000 deaths.

6 Life Experiences that death teaches us about life

In India, many Hindus have a belief that if you took your last breath in Kashi (Varanasi-India), you would achieve what is renowned as “Kashi labh” or “the fruit of Kashi” -“Moksha” .(complete freedom from the cycle of rebirth driven by the law of karma).

This story is about a man, Bhairav Nath Shukla, a manager of Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, a and unique guesthouse where people check-in before they die.  In his indifferent life as a manager for about 44 years, Shukla has seen many wealthy and poor take shelter in the guesthouse in their last period as they ascend towards death and lingers peace in their life. Shukla lives and helps them on their final journey. Till now, he has seen more than 12000 deaths in his life, and such close and massive encounter to death has given him enough lessons that as a person we must know. So, today, apart from the ordinary lives, we are going to share his experiences to help you find comfort in your life. Let’s get started-:

1. Unravel all conflicts before you go from the world-

Throughout the life, we carry a lot of issues, grudges and pains in our heart. As we ascend in our lives, we make quarrels with the loved ones- we hurt them, and somehow hold their grudges throughout our life. I have seen a countless people calling for their loved ones in their last days, just to resolve their grudges with them, Said Shukla.

Resolve your clashes with the people you love, because not everyone gets the chance to do that.

2. Be willing to seek help from others

“He will just make more mistakes and make my work lengthier.” “I can’t rely on him.” “He doesn’t know how to do that” there could be a list of similar thoughts moving in our mind when we have to take others help in our work, but know that If you want to grow in life and achieve great things, you have to expand your horizons. Not just for the financial purpose, but for your intellect. While compromising his thoughts on this, Shukla said, “to know and do things on your own might look empowering to you, but it often limits you from observing and gaining what others have learnt.”.

 Take other experience in the process of learning; you will grow.

3. Find Peace & Beauty in the purest form of pleasure 

“I have seen rich and poor eating the same food and sleeping on the same bed in this guesthouse in their last days. I have seen them enjoying the simple pleasures, realising that nothing else makes any difference. “said the Shukla.  “I sometimes wonder, how radical life they might have led if they have done right from the beginning.” He further added.

The message is to Take some time, pause and admire the few dull moments, as there are happening all around us.

4. Acceptance is liberation

One of the major reason of why we stayed so confused and engulfed in our lives is non-acceptance of the truth and the denial of our emotions and situations. I have seen people regretting in their last days about non-accepting some of the greatest reality of their life. We must accept our problem and the situation, because when you accept it, then only you can find out what to do about it or how to come out of it.

Remember, Indifference and avoidance of the truth are the primary fuels of endless fear and anxiety

5. No discrimination- Acceptance everyone as the same to make your service easier

“Discrimination leads to chaos. If we categorise people based on their caste, creed, religion, colour and taste, it would be so difficult for us to help them. I have genuinely felt that the day you treat everyone the same, is the day you breathe light, worry lesser about anyone thoughts and stay calmer.” That’s the secret that makes Shukla more devoted and passionate about his demanding profession.

Accept people as the same. Don’t discriminate. Follow humanity.

6. Break up in the world and beyond-

This section would be purely based on Shukla’s words. On breakups throughout death and life, he said, “No, you don’t break up ties or relations with people. What once made in the intangible form, cannot be ended through actions. You break up with the thoughts that link you to them, knowingly or unknowingly.”

As per Mr Shukla, we cannot break any positive or negative relation, but if we can break the thoughts that bind us to a resentful memory, we might become capable of unburdening ourselves from being bitter and vengeful.

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5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

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5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

Our lives pretty much move in a nutshell. We born in a family, surrounded by our parents, grand’s and siblings, grows up in a school or educational environment, went to college in a friendly neighbourhood, and spends most of the lives in an office, home and nearby activity locations. That’s our whole life in a nutshell is. Although, we travel to find the greatest pleasure, but often remain confused about our existence. Are we our bodies or something else? Most of us, still think that we are just what we see and one day, when the time is right, and the life will be completed, we will die, and there will be no longer us in the materialistic form. There will be a funeral held, where people will exchange kind words, and the only place we will exist is the memories of our loved ones. That’s where we will be recreated, but what Online funeral template magazine have found this time, talks about the entirely different theory.

It speaks of the existence of the soul, something that has a bigger power and insight than our body, something that separates our reality to the material body and appearances.

A soul is a spiritual, immortal part of a human being that pre-exists the body and stay alive even after death. It’s the only way people can rebirth and start a new life into a different body. There’s a lot of holy books and religions that talk about the existence of souls and higher energy, but this time, it all is proved at the page of the online funeral template. Let’s get started-:

1 Souls Captured on Photos and Videos

Like, at the different part of lives, people have seen pictures, and videos that somehow a little blurry or carry the ominous sign that exemplifies that souls exist. There’s no pure evident that these cameras are purely capable of doing so or not, it’s very hard to explain, but they somehow give a promising picture. For example-

In a horrible motorbike crash in an area, someone has captured the site and found that it possesses the blurry smoke like the image of the person who had just died. It’s very hard to explain, but it was captured in the video.

2 Near Death Experiences

We all knew that there had been multiple scenarios when someone almost dies and brought back to life. Even on the page of online funeral template magazine, we have shared a lot of real-life stories that talk about the existence of a soul. Here you can have a look. Although Harward Neurosurgeon, Dr Ebin Alexander disagrees, he believes that souls are something that does not exist. But one day, he fell into a coma for a week, due to some severe diseases, during that period he claimed to have a surreal journey into the afterlife, in which he experienced something so real that made him seem human world as artificial. He said that afterlife is filled with love, and the communication was telepathic, after seven days, his disease healed automatically, and he came back to his senses. He was so intrigued by the experience that he had written a book about it- namely, the proof of heaven.

Experiment conducted by a Russian Scientist

He heliographed a person using a particular bio-electrographic camera at the time of his death. Curts, the scientist, used to teach physics at St. Peter university and is famous for his research on human energy fields.  The bio-electrographic creates a high-intensity electric field and produces a flow around the objects. He has shown how did the life energy leave the body. As per his research, the life first leaves the hands, the chest and the other segment.

To know more about the rest of the clues, click here.


When a man found his purpose in death and become doctor

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When a man found his purpose in deathIrrefutably, if there are something matters in our life, it’s the PURPOSE, the reason why we do things, the goal which excites us to jump off from bed every morning and keep us up late night, it’s the dreams. Ideas matter, aren’t they? Well, I surely agree.

But what do you think if you got to know that someone discovered his purpose of life when death was banging on his doorway? How do you feel about it? Well, it’s not mere the illusion but the reality of someone life. We at the online funeral template store, being the best funeral templates online provider, keeps bringing remarkable stories to you.

Today we are bringing a story of someone who nearly died in an accident, but found his real purpose. Let’s clean the cloud of his motivating real-life story.

This story is about Kevin Morton Jr. who was inches away from death after getting shot during a robbery happened in 2007. He was working at an Arby’s in Michigan when the whole incident took place.

He was on his duty like always, when few masked people enter the Arby with the prospect of theft. In the counter action, Kevin got hit with bullets and just approached death.

To save this 22-years-old life, he was rushed to Detroit’s St. John Hospital with least expectancy to live. But, there’s a saying that if God has to save you, no matter what- you will come out of everything. And here what shows up as an angel is not any fairy in Kevin’s dream, but his Doctor. Doctor Dharti Sheth Zelmanski, undertook Kevin’s case under his shed and worked endlessly to guarantee Kevin’s life over his dicey condition.

“Whether we take it as intuition, expertise or a hard-to-believe miracle, we put some extra sutures in and the bleeding stopped,” the surgeon said while talking about the whole incident.

He had 10 percent chance of survival, the doctor said. But yet, he survived.

After spending 50 long- healing days in the hospital, Morton was ready to go back to home. Undeniably, it was just a different example of what passionate medical professionals do every day- saving people life from various conditions and situations.

But what happened afterwards, is more enthralling- the whole incident ended up turned around Kevin’s future. He stopped whatever he was doing at that moment, and decided to pursue the profession of a doctor. At this date, the 31-year-old is enthusiastically starting his residency, at the very same hospital where he came back to life.

The road to recovery was not less painful, it was full of dark nights, but it’s the same one which encourages Kevin to rethink his purpose in life- and gather motivation from the healing hands that made him complete again.

“The compassion and devotion that Dr Sheth exemplified in trying to save my life- I just wish to take that forward,” Kevin said on becoming a doctor.

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When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace

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When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace-1

Death is a funny, unbelievable thing, isn’t it? It turns around everything with 360-degree speed. We human beings, live as if we are immortal. We plan a lot of things to do, but one day, something happen and nothing left to hope for. With a blink of eyes everything’s gone, but as we have said before, this world is full of surprises and unusual event’s and we at Online funeral template, a funeral template store, are always devoted to bringing such instances to you. Today at this magazine, we are going to talk about a guy, who had faced three near death experiences and knew that death is going to confront him again, but it all happen so quickly that nobody had an idea about. Let’s remove the mist from his story.

It’s a real-life story of Ben Breedlove, a bright, handsome, happy teen who was full of joyful spirits. Almost everybody he knew liked him as he was. Not only did Ben’s equals and family adored him, but his popular YouTube attracted many followers from different parts of the world, making him more of a young internet celebrity.

The typical episode which drew people to his vlog about his advice, particularly, relationship advice. But two of his videos, “This is My Story” part 1 and 2, attracted masses like no other. The reason behind the same is that it becomes Ben’s final message before his death.

Right from his birth, everyone including him and his family knew that days were determined. At his three month checkup, the paediatrician heard a heart susurrate, and the worst thing is that the susurrate persisted, and then the heart doctor diagnosed the little Ben having a severe disease- hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In simple words, Ben had a heavy heart.

This condition was extremely tight for him and was the main reason why Ben faced extreme near death conditions for so many times. One of the most incredible parts of his near-death experiences is having the most surreal kind of visions. Feelings and images that made him believe that heaven was for real.

Talking about the visions Ben had, it all started at the toddler age of 4. Ben had a ruinous, 45-minute long seizure. When asked, he didn’t remember much from the day, but he often talks about seeing a bright light. Ben recalled about having an encounter with peaceful, bright light in the hospital, though, no-one else had any such experience. Even as a toddler, Ben was confident he’d felt an angel.

Years went by, and Ben had a quite okay time with his life, but it’s like God has written his fate in a different manner. After a period of few years, Ben again suffered a cardiac arrest (the second event which led him to near death experience) in his high-school. During the situation, his heart stopped beating for about FULL-THREE MINUTES before he was revived in real. Later when he came to senses, he mentioned to his family that – he was woken up in a “waiting room for the heaven”. There he experienced ultimate bliss and peace.

After that incident, Ben decided that God had given him the vision, so the stop being afraid of dying, and know that heaven was worth dying.

Talking about the third time of cheating death, Ben said, “I was at school, walking down the hall. I could tell, I was about to faint, so I took the bench and sat on it. I passed out. After that, the very thing I see, that I woke up in EMS around me. I couldn’t talk or say anything, just watch what they are doing on me. They put the shock pad on me to revive, I heard one of them said, they are ready, and at the same moment, the other guy said, “Go now! I passed out again, my heart stopped. I passed out and wasn’t breathing till 3 minutes.”

After that, a few months later, on Christmas morning- Everyone had gathered for the celebration, and then and there, Ben passed out while jumping on the trampoline.

His heart never revived again. Maybe he has in the different world, where he was destined to be.

Ben was only 18 years old when he went to the other side.

As and when he passed away, ben’s friends asked his parents about their views on the video. The parents were mourning for his death and had no possible idea about it. They never thought that their son had done something like that. At first, they couldn’t believe that Ben had posted his story on YouTube just a few days before his demise. When they saw the video given below, they realised that Ben is in a better place now.

Today, the video has almost reached more than 9 million views.

In the video, Ben also talks about God, angel, and the other world. Challenge your beliefs with this powerful video by Ben Breedlove.

Click to see the Ben Breed love magical Tale here


When He Wakes Up On The Way To Funeral

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When he wakes up on the way to funeral

What do you feel when you get to know that the dead ones in whose funeral parade you are walking in, gets up suddenly? Do you feel aghast or happy? It’s hard to say, well, someone should take people reviews when this happened in India. People were shocked when the 17 years old Kumar, who’d been reported as a dead by relatives and parent awoke in his death-casket on the way to the funeral.

Today in the magazine of the Online funeral template, we are going to talk how Kumar Marewad, a 17 years old boy come back from the funeral.

Kumar Marewad was bitten by a homeless dog about 25+ days before in a city in India. The bite from the dog causes him a viral infection, leading him to get ill from high fever.

His parents hoped that he would recover, but sadly it hasn’t happened. His condition kept on going bad at the hospital and there comes a time when he was on the ventilator. Eventually, Kumar was taken off from the life support. Doctors told his family members that he won’t get by it and possibly die within a few days.  When asked from his brother-in-law about the incident, Sharanappa Naikar said, “We have made our heart to take Kumar home after doctors told us that his options of living were quite small once taken off the ventilator.” Nevertheless, the family brought him back. Soon after, they were sure that he had gone from this world. They started making funeral arrangements to pay him the last visit of his life. But as they begin to be escorted his body to the funeral service, he suddenly comes alive.

Kumar suddenly opened his eyes, shaken both his hands and legs and starts breathing at a faster pace. In a rush, people get amused with what just happened but did take him to the hospital and put back on a ventilator.

When asked the doctor about his amusing incident, Mahesh Neelakhantannavar said, “We think Kumar is suffering from meningoencephalitis, an infection caused due to dog bites,”

As of now, Kumar is still recovering from the hospital; temporarily his family is looking for support from their people and community to continue his treatments.

You can come forward and help them if you sincerely wish to. Now tell what do you think of this weirder than fiction story? Let us know in the comments!

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Man Die Unexpectedly, His best friend Horse Broke Down at the Funeral

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Man leaves the world, His best friend Horse Broke Down at the Funeral

Although everybody knows the strong connection human beings feel among themselves, but we often ignore the amount of love and affection animals shows to us. Whenever the time comes, our pets, may it be a dog, horse or something else shows us full love and devotion which is really missing in human beings. In all forms and means, our pets provide us unconditional love, the love we can never have from any other human being. Today, to give value and respect to such love, we are providing a true story of love and devotion at Online funeral template magazine.

The story is about a cowboy, Wagner Lima originating from Paraguayan, who died due to a road accident on the 1st Jan 2017 in Brazil. Everyone who ever loved or known Mr Lima knew the special bond he and his loveable horse Sereno share among them.

As per the information, Mr Lima and Sereno been some of the closest friends from past many years. And their beloved friendship was not hidden from anyone. At the death of his brother, Wando knew that the horse deserves to be in the funeral alongside all the loved ones of Wagner.

When asked about the love Sereno share for Wagner, His brother said, “The horse was my brother’s life. He loved him dearly. At the time of  Wagner’s funeral, it seems that the horse knew everything and wanted to pay his last goodbye.

On the sad demise of his brother, Wando directed a memorable march to the final resting place (at City of Caizerias, Brazil) What made everyone wonder is that Sereno marched with them, and almost no-one from the Wagner relation ever get the idea about the reaction of Sereno when he gets close enough to Wagner’s casket to point out his scent.

Now, Wando says that he will take the full responsibility of his brother’s most lovable friend, Sereno.

Know the true story to see how the horse bid the last good-bye to his friend in the video. Watch out the pure tear-jerking moment.

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Theft of a ring from a dead grand mother, gave her what she has never imagined

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We human do mistakes by considering ourselves bigger than anyone else, we misunderstood us as the greatest power, the greatest energy while being sentient about the fact that there is someone bigger who made this world, that there’s a power who handle when things get out of the hand. Here’s one such story related to the funeral which will put you in aghast and content. Know it here.

In Early 2016, Lois Hicks, a southern grandmother died after living her long life of 88 years. She died in her homeland of Odessa, Tx.

The very next day, all her near and dear ones assembled at a funeral home to bid their last goodbye to Lois. While they left after paying their regards, there was a stranger woman entering the room. After getting in, the female stranger asked to utilise the funeral home’s restroom for a while.

But rather using that, she went near to the casket of Lois, leant over her body and took out the ring from the dead grandmother finger and fled away in her vehicle.

The whole incident was captured on the security camera of the funeral’s home.

After some time, when lois daughter, Vel returned to do the manage the late mother’s makeup, she came to realise that the precious ring is not there anymore. Even the skin around the finger was torn and raw. It was a bad scene.

When asked about the matter, Vel said, “I just can’t believe that someone could do such thing., Remembering about the event, make me sick to my stomach.”

 Whole of the Lois family, including her daughter Vel, was desperately praying that the furtive criminal would be caught and punished for her despicable crime, but police cannot be gleaned her in the beginning.

After couples of day from the beginning of the search for the criminal, police authorities found out the criminal and detain and arrested a 41-year old lady charged with the offence of theft from a human corpse.

However, there was a secret which the thief didn’t know when she had done such disrespectful act,

It was NOT at all a precious ring, but just a replica plastic ring worth $10.

Thus, Destiny/ Karma treats the thief better than the law.

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Trouble Dealing with Funerals? Check Out the Best Funeral Etiquette Guide

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Trouble Dealing with FuneralsDeath, however uncertain it seems to be, play a fundamental role in our life. In the corner of our hearts we know that we have to leave this world and die one day and no matter how hard we try, we can’t change this truth. Death is one of the biggest reality of our lives. It happens on the continuous basis, sometimes of our friends, sometimes of our family members and sometimes of those who we consider the gems of our life. But life never stops for anybody, it goes on, it’s us who had to get the hold of it. Just like we need to get the hold of life, we must’ve got the hold of the behaving in funerals. Funeral are the last and biggest celebration of someone life. It’s the mark that the person has left in physical form, but will stay in our heart forever.

But still, if you are the one who feels a little weird and uncomfortable in funerals of our loved ones, or does a blunder in it, you need to know the funeral etiquette guide. A guide which we are going to share here for your help.

Let’s get started-:

1. Everything About Sympathy Message-
The first and foremost step to tackle a grieving situation is to send a heartfelt message to the family of the deceased. It should not be a simple status on a Facebook or twitter wall saying that you loved them or you are sorry for their loss but a professional message. It could be either handwritten or a professional funeral card online, expressing your deepest feelings for their loss. This will show them how sincere and candid you are for their loss.

And if you don’t know what to mention, don’t know the person so well or having a hard time in expressing your feelings, say something like, “I am deeply sorry for the sad demise of Uncle Peter, please accept my heartfelt sympathy, for you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.”

2. Story of Flowers in Funeral-
You can send them flowers to express your sincere feelings. It’s a perfect alternative for those who are not so perfect in managing the embalming process. People send flowers as a sign of respect, however, sometimes people consider flower as a waste of money as what the family would do if they have so many flowers. Thus, people prefer to donate money in their funeral service or send them cards. However, if the deceased is Muslim or Jewish then please don’t send them flowers, as it is avoided in their tradition.

3. Know the Difference Between Funeral & Memorial Service-
Next step is the funeral service. It’s always a funeral service if there’s a body and a coffin if a body and coffin are not there, it’s called a memorial service. The funeral service is more famous and is considered a substitute about a celebration of a person’s life. And all of that depends on what a person has desired for himself, a memorial service or a traditional funeral service.

4. Fit in the Funeral Process-
Well, this guide is entirely about you, hence you must focus on how you fit in and how you adapt the process a death note or a funeral magazine would be having the complete guidelines about what is ought to be done by you. If you do drink or have liquor, know that this is not the right time to be drunk or misbehave. The best way to fit in a funeral process is to attend the service, donate or bring flowers or card, converse with family and gently leave.

5. Control Your Voice & Behave Nicely-:
Know that it’s not the right time when you should talk to people loudly, rather it’s the time when you must listen everyone peacefully and pay regards to what’s going on in there.

6. Eulogy Guide-
It’s a tradition to have a heartfelt tribute to the deceased known as Eulogy. If someone had asked you about eulogy, you must think about how you speak about a person in a very sincere, focused and dignity-wise way. Remember, it’s not the right time to talk about how bad that person was, how much girls he has dated, rather than focus on the good qualities of that person. Talk about the times when he has touched your heart.

7. Dress Code-
Never wear jeans, shirt, sacks, or any kind of attire which is dis-respectful for the funeral.

a.The Best Attire for men to wear in a funeral is a navy suit, a black suit, a white double cough shirt, a black tie and dark colour trouser. For Shoes, Wear Black Leather Shoes.

These are some of the points you must notice before attending a funeral or going on to a funeral.

To Explore and learn the Full Etiquette, watch the video.

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This Lady Proved Humanity by Helping The Homeless To Reach At His Dead Mother’s Funeral

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This Lady Proved Humanity By Helping The Homeless To Reach At this Dead Mother's FuneralThe world is changing round-the-clock, the far we are approaching in technology, the clinical we are getting. And as much as the world is concerned, it’s hard for anyone to believe a stranger. Even our media is becoming more negative than ever. It gives us more horror news instead of positive ones, still many of us don’t come out to help those are in need.

We humans are weird; we only help those who are more close to our heart or those who have shared the similar experiences like us.

That could be one of the main reason why the Mary (A widow) formed the decision to do the greatest help on a poor homeless man, who she’s never met and seen in her in entire life.

Ronnie Brown, a 70-year-old man was noticed by NYPD cop, homeless and was in anguish from diabetes and in pain. The Policeman offered him a special pair of socks, which become so famous that it captures a part of the news of the Connecticut, a place where Mary resides.

Ronnie Brown was so happy and delighted to receive the gift that it was appearing on the news, which came in the attention of Mary and convinced her to offer one more gift to him.

The main similarity between Ronnie and Mary is the Death of their loved ones. Ronnie has lost his mother recently, where Mary was coping from the death of her husband.

Mary availed NYPD tracking services to gleaned the location of Ronnie. And then she did an act of kindness which made her famous. She offered Ronnie a Plane Ticket to at least attend his mother’s celebration of life, not only this, even a clothing store gave him the clothes for the funeral.

When asked about the situation, Mary mentioned that her target to get him off the street is for very good.

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When This 40 Years Old Mom Came Back From Death, She Had An Interesting Afterlife Story To Tell

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 Interesting Afterlife Story of a 40 year Old Mom

How many of believes in the existence of the world other than ours? How many of you think that there’s a world where we went after the end of our mortal journey on this planet? This woman has seen what we truly call has afterlife. Check out the story of the Magical Mother.

There may be people who don’t believe in the existence of the next world where a soul lives or who think that there’s no concept of afterlife, but again history come up with many shocking evidences of existence of a world where soul remains. The world where our soul go when we die. There may be zillions of people who say that there is hell and heaven. But there are also some who say that they have seen it.

Today we at Online funeral template, a provider of Memorial Prayer Cards, Announcements, Memorial Bookmarks, Legal Single Fold programs and more, are offering a story of a 40 years old who died and remains pulse-less for about 45 minutes in her delivery table. But she came alive and when she came back in senses, she had one of the most interesting story to tell.

In September 2014, Ruby Graupera-Cassimir- A 40 years old, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl through a routine C-section Surgery. But Situation turn an unpredicted mode when Ruby begin to suffered an infrequent amniotic fluid embolism that form a vacuum in her heart and made her life-less for the period of 45 minutes without a pulse.

Doctors make their best efforts and done almost everything just to save the life of the new mother, but none of their efforts seems effective. Nothing happened. They lost all hope. They were ready to pronounce Ruby dead, and even her family has also gathered to bid their final goodbyes.

But while every loved one was trying to cope up with such heartbreaking news, Ruby was having one of the most thrilling- Out-of-body experience that startled the whole world.

While talking about the experience, Ruby mentioned-: I found myself floating along a tunnel and nearly saw a spiritual being who I believe was my dad, surrounded by positive energy and light.  There were many more souls who were with me to the journey to the unknown. But somehow a strong force got me and restrict me from moving any further.

Ruby mentioned that a presence of higher power helped him inexplicably get away from death.

Doctors were just about to declare her dead when the sound of heart rate monitor came in their ears. It made them stunned. Ruby’s heart begins to function again and begin to come back in normal. That happened when doctors haven’t even touched her for about half an hour.

She woke up on its own and had no idea what happened with her.

Now, Ruby is absolutely fine and living the title of Miraculous mom.

We are sure this has arisen your faith in miracles & a life after death.

Click here to watch the video

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