Heaven is real, said the Dr. who Survived 24 Minutes without Oxygen

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Heaven is Real- Said the Doctor Mary Neal who spent 24 minutes without oxygen

Life and Death experiences have surely been a controversial topic to discuss as still people are trying to find out what goes after life. Meet Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon who would closely describe herself as to a “concrete thinker” who quiet is not too “fanciful” and does not exaggerate on anything; she spent a long time thinking about seemingly inexplicable events that got unfolded back in 1999 post a near death experience.

After she almost drowned while a kayaking accident happened on a trip to Chile – and supposedly kept struggling for more than 24 minutes while being deprived of oxygen – remarkably Neal survived without the possibility of any brain damage.

Post her miraculous escape from death; she claimed that she had a brief heaven visit, communicated with spirits and was warned regarding the death of her son about ten years ago before everything happened which was an experience that almost got her confused in awe. Today the online funeral template store discusses the life-changing experience of Dr. Mary Neal who created a new life post incidence and learned to live it that way. In the funeral magazine section on our funeral template store, we share her brief near-death experience and her sightings of the mysterious afterlife as well.

Life After Returning from Being Dead

After returning to her day to day routine post her traumatic accident, Dr. Neal told that she is now on a route to find answers on everything. Still, she was really confused, whether her visions about the whole heavenly realm were real or not?

“I was keen on knowing, what was the significance of all things that I experienced during my short out of life experience. I had done with the process of coming up with alternative explanations,” Neal said, “In Deep Shift” of OWN TV. Also, she noted that she was enough considering the likeliness of hallucinations and dreams.

“As humans, we would be keen on having explanations for out of the world experiences that we would be able to know instead of anything that would be divine. I am not much whimsical. I am not too much of a solid thinker, and I do not like to embellish on anything.”

After providing the explanation of all events that she went through, Neal claimed that she believed what happened to her “was way beyond science,” and she briefly discussed what visions she allegedly had in heaven.

She further described “I mean the sheer beauty of everything that was happening around me was just incredibly intense,” she also said. That there isn’t any other earthly equivalent.”

Findings from the Angels & the Future Predictions

Later on, she recalled about going through something domed in structure and further being greeted by spirits who just “overjoyed” upon her arrival – later on, she described all these entities as being physical beings having the visible and notable formation.

“As they were mainly in their physical form, they had arms, heads, and legs and weren’t covered up with any robes,” she said according to the Huffington Post. “Also, I am assured d soothed about the fact that everyone I saw in those visions was there to guide me, love me and protect me.”

She then recalled not willing to go anywhere back from heaven, but spirits told her that her time has not yet come, and subsequently she got reunited back with her body, she claimed further – but not much before letting her know that something would haunt her total memory for the further years to arrive.

While being asked about sharing her entire experience with others, she hesitantly added up that the spirits also said that some point in future her eldest son would die.

“They did not state any time or date, but according to them it was quite clear that it would happen,” she said. “Each day I woke up with a new hope for my son’s life and hoping that the plan would change.”

In the year 2009, ten years later, she learned that on the day when she was done with her memoir, “To Heaven and Back,” that her son died in automobile accident according to the Huffington Post.

Mary Neal said “I will not pretend to have all answers. According to one of my kids, I was not allowed in heaven. My mandate was not being here for my son’s death,” She added “My directive was to return and share my experience as if found it supportive and comforting that would also inspire other people to have a look at their lives and search for God working in day to day life.”

Watch the whole story of Dr. Mary Neal below.


What Happen to People who had Near Death Experiences?

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What Happen to People who had near Death Experiences

One of the most concerning topics of what would happen after death remains a controversial subject and a shadowy one too. According to a survey, it was found out that around 55 percent of people would be undeniably confident regarding the existence of an afterlife and 37 percent don’t have any idea about what happens after life ends and lastly around 8 percent of the population just assumes that no afterlife exists.

However, some people who’ve crossed hands with near death experiences would be able to correctly describe the answer with an inevitable outcome for the same. Today at the funeral magazine and blog section of the funeral template store we discuss the brief experiences of people who’ve seen life and glimpses of the afterlife as well. Online funeral template website also shows what people learn out of these experiences and how these completely change their lives.

Typically, individuals who share a close encounter with death and later on get back to their life, start seeing life with a whole new perspective and change a lot of their previous habits. An entirely new life begins for people who’ve experienced visions of the afterlife.

The general experiences were ranging from anything like ‘blissful’ feelings or just sheer disappointment of not being able to meet personal ambitions or just terrifying emptiness. People who at some point of life had a near death experience had a shared vision of their souls leaving their bodies and floating upwards.

Watching your soul leaving the body

After actor Peter Sellers had near death experience of a heart attack, he reported: “I felt myself move my body. I just got floated away from my physical form, and I saw people carting away my body to the hospital. I did not get terrified about my body as I felt fine and only my body was suffering.”

Most people who had a near-death experience saw their physical bodies lying down below, and they were also able to have sight of all things that were happening to their bodies, like doctors and nurses working and family members who grieved.

After returning to life, they would vividly be able to describe every detail of what happened to their bodies, even though physically they all were not conscious.

Perceiving alterations in space and time

Those who’ve been through a near-death experience said that they were aware of reflective changes in both space and time while they floated away from their physical forms. People who had such experiences reported that they could sense every dimension of time and space at once instead of having separately, as it is possible on Earth. According to Beverly Brodsky, in his illustration Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience, “Time and Space are just illusions present around us, beholding us to the physical realm. In the other spirit realm, everything would be present all together.

Experiencing the light of love

People who reported on meeting powerful spiritual being reported it have a form of a bright light. The light that was seen was a lot brighter than what people see on Earth, and seeing the light would not hurt, nor they felt uncomfortable through its presence.

On the contrary, most people who’ve experienced such phenomenon describe that the light is radiating love, leading them to be at peace regarding the journey they have gone through. People would sometimes think of light being as god’s manifestation, and sometimes also as an angel. Often, they would report feeling intense while being enveloped in such light. In the book, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences one person also quoted that ‘I got immersed in a beautiful light and the light would still touch me with awe, and immediately I got in tears after the experience.”

Going through Intense Emotions

In their afterlife experiences when people perceive they are about to be in heaven, they would feel it as bliss, and mostly they would not want to leave even if there is any left-out task to do on Earth. However, people who were taken to hell were frightened and immediately wished to return to Earth to change their life and live it in a right way.

Post near death incidences, most people change their way of living and live in a much better way than before the experience. As stated in the famous NDE book, Life after Life written by Raymond A. Moody, MD, people who’re back from their afterlife experience to regular earth lives are mostly seen with more positive traits like generosity, less materialism and kindness and they are much improved than before.

Check out the video of people sharing how they felt during their time out of their body.

Man Dies Suddenly, Little Brother holds Mic and Pays Tribute that No One Can Imagine

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Man Dies Suddenly, Little Brother holds mic and Pays Tribute that no one can imagine

The year 2014 remained too unfortunate for a mother named Yvonne who had gone through a terrible loss that no other parent should endure. In a very tragic incidence, her eldest son passed away who was only 24 years of age.

To pay final remittances, the deceased’s little sister and father, both spoke at the funeral. However, the whole funeral grieved in a more emotional state when his younger brother, Svend Lund Moller Paulsen, took the mic. Having own special ways to say goodbye to someone dear is a painful but appreciative way, and here in the funeral magazine column of our funeral template store, we share the heart touching story of the little brother whose special tribute would just melt us in tears.

At Online Funeral template can be used in such incidences to dedicate your love and affection to the deceased and their family members as well. The grieving little brother just had his special way of saying goodbye to his brother. He decided to sing his very special version of the classic ballad. “You Raise Me Up.” The first verse of the song was on par with the lyrics, and later he had his own lyrics for the second verse of the song which was personally dedicated to the bond between him and his brother.

We have provided an excerpt of his tailored lyrics for the song:

It’s no life without you bother

It’s not the same with you not by my side
We were always there for each other
Now you are gone…

Being in a state of devastation and emptiness, despite knowing the fact that his brother is not anymore, he still “mobilized his mind.” as Yvonne told, through this unique talent for honoring him. People attending the funeral could observe the pain in his voice, but he would get through the entire song with conviction and strength.

The little brother said, “We wish to meet him again in heaven,” Upon big brother’s tragic death his younger brother wanted to dedicate something special for honoring his brother. He believed that his brother would be listening to him from the very beautiful place he’s now is. He sang a unique version of the song ‘You Raise Me Up’ was a touching rendition, but the way he sang the second verse in memory of his late brother was truly much beyond beautiful; this was indeed a graceful way of offering remembrance to life took at such a young age. With such a special way to remember the young soul, it is evident that there must’ve been a special bonding between him and his brother.

It was too soon to lose a beautiful part of the family, and the person’s friends and relatives were present there to grieve him. No one is ever ready to face such tragedy. Everyone puts their best to honor the one who just left away. Anyone does not know whether their loved ones are watching them, but it always is better to let your special ones know that they have touched your life in the life and afterlife too.

Upon losing his big brother, the little brother evidently wanted to give a special goodbye to dedicate how he felt for him as a big brother. We always know that tributes to our loved ones will never go in the air, somewhere from the other dimension, they are still with us, and their memories never fade away. Acknowledging the sudden loss of a dear one is something that no one wants to hear and the hard times faced with such incidences just brings everyone in a bad emotional state. We know that the special goodbye offered by the little brother to his elder sibling would not be missed and the love and memories between families would exist forever.

You can watch the brother’s heart touching song version of “You Raise Me Up,” and can notice that the changes in the second verse are just specially tailored for him.
Our prayers are with this heartbroken family!… May the young soul rest in peace!

Watch the whole funeral story below

After Life Story of Sharon Stone – “To me, death was quite peaceful.”

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After Life Story of Sharon Stone--1

Life always keeps throwing new stuff at us and every new experience is just a life lesson we need to grasp and take on with us; this is what happens to people who’ve struggled between life and death, and they’ve now started a new life with a whole new perspective. With our little peeks at the lifestyle of celebrities and their day to day perks of life, we might consider it to be a god given lifestyle, but sometimes our sight forgets to state the apparent fact that celebrities are also humans and have their ups and downs in life. If we ascend towards a life changing experience, we would like to share the memorable experience of the gorgeous television personality and the great Basic Instinct Diva Sharon Stone.

A lot of her personal experiences in life, as well as the afterlife, have been revealed by the Diva Sharon Stone and the actress is quite resilient in real life as she portrays through screen characters.

The thought of going through a major brain hemorrhage or a brain aneurysm would be quite scary to almost anyone, yet the actress suffered one more than ten years ago. Today at our stories section of online funeral template magazine we’re going to learn about the near death experience of Sharon Stone and how it affected her life. At online funeral template store, we’re going to share her exact words and how she felt at her out of body experience.

The actress didn’t have the slightest idea about the problem she had when all of a sudden a splitting headache forced her to take a trip to the hospital emergency room.

The hospital that she visited diagnosed that she had been going through brain hemorrhage and would immediately need to undergo surgery. The surgery was a success but getting back to the recovery part was a challenging thing. “Upon waking up from experience, an entirely new life started for here where she needed to learn to walk, write, hear, remember, talk and every necessary thing over and over again till she got perfect.

Her experience with the afterlife was quite awakening and surprising for some as she described death to be a pleasant experience and stated that there’s nothing to be scared of death. Stone said ‘I saw some of my friends and wished to meet a few of my buddies… people who were real close and dear to me (who passed away). This distinct little experience carried me to places in here and beyond as well.

She added, ‘however everything was quite fast, and it swept all of a sudden and I got back in my body.’

‘It almost affected my life so profoundly that it wouldn’t be the same.’

She also said that the NDA experience she had provided her with some benefits that would be helpful for continuing her further life.

‘I won’t be afraid of death, and to other people, I get to tell that it’s quite a fabulous thing and death would be a gift.

‘When death comes to you, as it will, it would be the beautiful and glorious thing to happen. An incredible sense of well-being surrounded me at that time and an additional reason that it’s so close. Talking about death – it was nearing me, and it felt quite safe. It’s not a scary and far away thing.’

Being among a few greatest survivors of Hollywood the Basic Instinct star had two near death experiences where she escaped both situations to continue back with her life. The first was one just after she was finished with “Total Recall” with Arnold. “While I was driving along the Sunset Boulevard, I got confronted through a car that drove straight at me on the road’s wrong lane,” she reported.

“I got hit in the head, and I have no idea how I was alive in such situation. That time I sprained my back, dislocated my jaw, twisted my knee and broke a rib. I got put in a back brace and was told to stay in bed for about six months.”

11 years ago when she suffered through her most challenging days of her when she got treated for a brain hemorrhage, her greatest fear was being bed ridden for the rest of her days. The Quick and the Dead star added that she’s got a ‘big fortune’ and hasn’t been alone in the universe.

Check out the video here


5 Real Life Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

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5 Real Life Miracles that Proves That There’s Someone Above Us

Do you think that there is something or someone who is watching us now? Do you believe in the existence of a greater power? The idea that there’s someone to whom we are accountable for everything we do, the idea that everything in this universe runs through a super power who sees us all. Across boundaries of the nations, if there’s one thing that’s carried along is the belief, idea about the existence of a superpower. Some call him Jesus, some call him Allah, some name him Waheguru, etc., he’s there, beyond times and religions.

But does it make sense? To bring you to the specific stage, today on the magazine of the online funeral template, a funeral template store, we are offering some real-life miracles that will make you wonder about everything. Let’s get started-

1. Five years Old and Grandmother Struck by a moving car-
It was a cold winter day when the grandmother was walking down with her five years old grandson, suddenly a black car comes swirling into the wrong lane and hits the parked car which dragged the grandmother and the son beneath the moving car. The whole incident was captured on the CCTV as they walked down the snowy and icy street. Climate is one major reason behind the accident, but the way the grand mom and son survived with slight injury from the crash, is truly miraculous. It gives us the feeling that there’s someone out there.

2. Man walking on water in a river in India-
Walking on water has been considered as a miracle and a sign of a supernatural power since biblical times. There’s a man who appeared to walk on water casually in the middle of the day. One might consider this to be an illusion or a trick, but the man walking by for himself, not performing any of the art for the spectator, the only group of people able to catch the whole story are the one standing on the shore including the cameraman himself.

3. Balloon Comforts Grieving mother –
The Strange paranormal moment when a white balloon confronts a grieving mom at the funeral ceremony of her son in the Philippines. Her 7-year-old boy had died in September 2015. The family has released two videos. In the first video, we see the boy’s white coffin covered in the flowers and the balloon. In the second, we see one of the balloon makes his way to reach his mother. Without any physical intervention or manipulation, the balloon found his way up to the boy’s grieving mother and tried to make a physical connection with her. After the incident, the mother seems calm. According to the family, the spirit of the boy is trying to contact the parents and siblings in his wake before passing on to the next world.

4. Angel of 9/11 Caught on tape-
The United States was devastated by the World Trade Centre attack on September 11, 2001; the consequences rocked the world. Although, many supernatural phenomena have been recorded in the controversial incident. These photographs are captured at the National Sept 11 memorial and museums, where behind an image an angelic face has appeared due to the chemical reactions. Some might agree that this is the effect of the pareidolia, a psychological response when our brain tried to transcend something like a facial perception, but this is not right. While looking at the video and the image, you will realize that it’s an angel face.

Watch the whole video with the 5th miracle here. Let us know what you feel about it.

Life teachings of the man who has encountered 12000 deaths

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Life teachings of the man who has encountered 12000 deaths

If we talk about the greatest triumphs of life, death will be on the top of it. Death is the end of the mortal journey to which we all are moving forward to. Moment after moment, hours after hours, we are progressing towards our end. It’s coming, it’s calling, and we are moving on to it. How strange is that we live on every day thinking that we will never come to an end? That all this is forever, but sadly it isn’t anything is.

So, today on the magazine of the Online funeral template, a funeral template store for letter cards, announcement and bookmarks, we are not going to talk about death or afterlife story, but we will be talking about life, we are going to share the experience of someone who has seen over 12000 deaths.

6 Life Experiences that death teaches us about life

In India, many Hindus have a belief that if you took your last breath in Kashi (Varanasi-India), you would achieve what is renowned as “Kashi labh” or “the fruit of Kashi” -“Moksha” .(complete freedom from the cycle of rebirth driven by the law of karma).

This story is about a man, Bhairav Nath Shukla, a manager of Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, a and unique guesthouse where people check-in before they die.  In his indifferent life as a manager for about 44 years, Shukla has seen many wealthy and poor take shelter in the guesthouse in their last period as they ascend towards death and lingers peace in their life. Shukla lives and helps them on their final journey. Till now, he has seen more than 12000 deaths in his life, and such close and massive encounter to death has given him enough lessons that as a person we must know. So, today, apart from the ordinary lives, we are going to share his experiences to help you find comfort in your life. Let’s get started-:

1. Unravel all conflicts before you go from the world-

Throughout the life, we carry a lot of issues, grudges and pains in our heart. As we ascend in our lives, we make quarrels with the loved ones- we hurt them, and somehow hold their grudges throughout our life. I have seen a countless people calling for their loved ones in their last days, just to resolve their grudges with them, Said Shukla.

Resolve your clashes with the people you love, because not everyone gets the chance to do that.

2. Be willing to seek help from others

“He will just make more mistakes and make my work lengthier.” “I can’t rely on him.” “He doesn’t know how to do that” there could be a list of similar thoughts moving in our mind when we have to take others help in our work, but know that If you want to grow in life and achieve great things, you have to expand your horizons. Not just for the financial purpose, but for your intellect. While compromising his thoughts on this, Shukla said, “to know and do things on your own might look empowering to you, but it often limits you from observing and gaining what others have learnt.”.

 Take other experience in the process of learning; you will grow.

3. Find Peace & Beauty in the purest form of pleasure 

“I have seen rich and poor eating the same food and sleeping on the same bed in this guesthouse in their last days. I have seen them enjoying the simple pleasures, realising that nothing else makes any difference. “said the Shukla.  “I sometimes wonder, how radical life they might have led if they have done right from the beginning.” He further added.

The message is to Take some time, pause and admire the few dull moments, as there are happening all around us.

4. Acceptance is liberation

One of the major reason of why we stayed so confused and engulfed in our lives is non-acceptance of the truth and the denial of our emotions and situations. I have seen people regretting in their last days about non-accepting some of the greatest reality of their life. We must accept our problem and the situation, because when you accept it, then only you can find out what to do about it or how to come out of it.

Remember, Indifference and avoidance of the truth are the primary fuels of endless fear and anxiety

5. No discrimination- Acceptance everyone as the same to make your service easier

“Discrimination leads to chaos. If we categorise people based on their caste, creed, religion, colour and taste, it would be so difficult for us to help them. I have genuinely felt that the day you treat everyone the same, is the day you breathe light, worry lesser about anyone thoughts and stay calmer.” That’s the secret that makes Shukla more devoted and passionate about his demanding profession.

Accept people as the same. Don’t discriminate. Follow humanity.

6. Break up in the world and beyond-

This section would be purely based on Shukla’s words. On breakups throughout death and life, he said, “No, you don’t break up ties or relations with people. What once made in the intangible form, cannot be ended through actions. You break up with the thoughts that link you to them, knowingly or unknowingly.”

As per Mr Shukla, we cannot break any positive or negative relation, but if we can break the thoughts that bind us to a resentful memory, we might become capable of unburdening ourselves from being bitter and vengeful.

Click here to watch the video

5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

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5 Real Life Stories that Promise about the Existence of the HUMAN souls

Our lives pretty much move in a nutshell. We born in a family, surrounded by our parents, grand’s and siblings, grows up in a school or educational environment, went to college in a friendly neighbourhood, and spends most of the lives in an office, home and nearby activity locations. That’s our whole life in a nutshell is. Although, we travel to find the greatest pleasure, but often remain confused about our existence. Are we our bodies or something else? Most of us, still think that we are just what we see and one day, when the time is right, and the life will be completed, we will die, and there will be no longer us in the materialistic form. There will be a funeral held, where people will exchange kind words, and the only place we will exist is the memories of our loved ones. That’s where we will be recreated, but what Online funeral template magazine have found this time, talks about the entirely different theory.

It speaks of the existence of the soul, something that has a bigger power and insight than our body, something that separates our reality to the material body and appearances.

A soul is a spiritual, immortal part of a human being that pre-exists the body and stay alive even after death. It’s the only way people can rebirth and start a new life into a different body. There’s a lot of holy books and religions that talk about the existence of souls and higher energy, but this time, it all is proved at the page of the online funeral template. Let’s get started-:

1 Souls Captured on Photos and Videos

Like, at the different part of lives, people have seen pictures, and videos that somehow a little blurry or carry the ominous sign that exemplifies that souls exist. There’s no pure evident that these cameras are purely capable of doing so or not, it’s very hard to explain, but they somehow give a promising picture. For example-

In a horrible motorbike crash in an area, someone has captured the site and found that it possesses the blurry smoke like the image of the person who had just died. It’s very hard to explain, but it was captured in the video.

2 Near Death Experiences

We all knew that there had been multiple scenarios when someone almost dies and brought back to life. Even on the page of online funeral template magazine, we have shared a lot of real-life stories that talk about the existence of a soul. Here you can have a look. Although Harward Neurosurgeon, Dr Ebin Alexander disagrees, he believes that souls are something that does not exist. But one day, he fell into a coma for a week, due to some severe diseases, during that period he claimed to have a surreal journey into the afterlife, in which he experienced something so real that made him seem human world as artificial. He said that afterlife is filled with love, and the communication was telepathic, after seven days, his disease healed automatically, and he came back to his senses. He was so intrigued by the experience that he had written a book about it- namely, the proof of heaven.

Experiment conducted by a Russian Scientist

He heliographed a person using a particular bio-electrographic camera at the time of his death. Curts, the scientist, used to teach physics at St. Peter university and is famous for his research on human energy fields.  The bio-electrographic creates a high-intensity electric field and produces a flow around the objects. He has shown how did the life energy leave the body. As per his research, the life first leaves the hands, the chest and the other segment.

To know more about the rest of the clues, click here.


When a man found his purpose in death and become doctor

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When a man found his purpose in deathIrrefutably, if there are something matters in our life, it’s the PURPOSE, the reason why we do things, the goal which excites us to jump off from bed every morning and keep us up late night, it’s the dreams. Ideas matter, aren’t they? Well, I surely agree.

But what do you think if you got to know that someone discovered his purpose of life when death was banging on his doorway? How do you feel about it? Well, it’s not mere the illusion but the reality of someone life. We at the online funeral template store, being the best funeral templates online provider, keeps bringing remarkable stories to you.

Today we are bringing a story of someone who nearly died in an accident, but found his real purpose. Let’s clean the cloud of his motivating real-life story.

This story is about Kevin Morton Jr. who was inches away from death after getting shot during a robbery happened in 2007. He was working at an Arby’s in Michigan when the whole incident took place.

He was on his duty like always, when few masked people enter the Arby with the prospect of theft. In the counter action, Kevin got hit with bullets and just approached death.

To save this 22-years-old life, he was rushed to Detroit’s St. John Hospital with least expectancy to live. But, there’s a saying that if God has to save you, no matter what- you will come out of everything. And here what shows up as an angel is not any fairy in Kevin’s dream, but his Doctor. Doctor Dharti Sheth Zelmanski, undertook Kevin’s case under his shed and worked endlessly to guarantee Kevin’s life over his dicey condition.

“Whether we take it as intuition, expertise or a hard-to-believe miracle, we put some extra sutures in and the bleeding stopped,” the surgeon said while talking about the whole incident.

He had 10 percent chance of survival, the doctor said. But yet, he survived.

After spending 50 long- healing days in the hospital, Morton was ready to go back to home. Undeniably, it was just a different example of what passionate medical professionals do every day- saving people life from various conditions and situations.

But what happened afterwards, is more enthralling- the whole incident ended up turned around Kevin’s future. He stopped whatever he was doing at that moment, and decided to pursue the profession of a doctor. At this date, the 31-year-old is enthusiastically starting his residency, at the very same hospital where he came back to life.

The road to recovery was not less painful, it was full of dark nights, but it’s the same one which encourages Kevin to rethink his purpose in life- and gather motivation from the healing hands that made him complete again.

“The compassion and devotion that Dr Sheth exemplified in trying to save my life- I just wish to take that forward,” Kevin said on becoming a doctor.

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Check out the whole story here


When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace

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When the 18th Year Old Ben Mention Near Death Experiences on His Vlog before dying- His Parents Found Peace-1

Death is a funny, unbelievable thing, isn’t it? It turns around everything with 360-degree speed. We human beings, live as if we are immortal. We plan a lot of things to do, but one day, something happen and nothing left to hope for. With a blink of eyes everything’s gone, but as we have said before, this world is full of surprises and unusual event’s and we at Online funeral template, a funeral template store, are always devoted to bringing such instances to you. Today at this magazine, we are going to talk about a guy, who had faced three near death experiences and knew that death is going to confront him again, but it all happen so quickly that nobody had an idea about. Let’s remove the mist from his story.

It’s a real-life story of Ben Breedlove, a bright, handsome, happy teen who was full of joyful spirits. Almost everybody he knew liked him as he was. Not only did Ben’s equals and family adored him, but his popular YouTube attracted many followers from different parts of the world, making him more of a young internet celebrity.

The typical episode which drew people to his vlog about his advice, particularly, relationship advice. But two of his videos, “This is My Story” part 1 and 2, attracted masses like no other. The reason behind the same is that it becomes Ben’s final message before his death.

Right from his birth, everyone including him and his family knew that days were determined. At his three month checkup, the paediatrician heard a heart susurrate, and the worst thing is that the susurrate persisted, and then the heart doctor diagnosed the little Ben having a severe disease- hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In simple words, Ben had a heavy heart.

This condition was extremely tight for him and was the main reason why Ben faced extreme near death conditions for so many times. One of the most incredible parts of his near-death experiences is having the most surreal kind of visions. Feelings and images that made him believe that heaven was for real.

Talking about the visions Ben had, it all started at the toddler age of 4. Ben had a ruinous, 45-minute long seizure. When asked, he didn’t remember much from the day, but he often talks about seeing a bright light. Ben recalled about having an encounter with peaceful, bright light in the hospital, though, no-one else had any such experience. Even as a toddler, Ben was confident he’d felt an angel.

Years went by, and Ben had a quite okay time with his life, but it’s like God has written his fate in a different manner. After a period of few years, Ben again suffered a cardiac arrest (the second event which led him to near death experience) in his high-school. During the situation, his heart stopped beating for about FULL-THREE MINUTES before he was revived in real. Later when he came to senses, he mentioned to his family that – he was woken up in a “waiting room for the heaven”. There he experienced ultimate bliss and peace.

After that incident, Ben decided that God had given him the vision, so the stop being afraid of dying, and know that heaven was worth dying.

Talking about the third time of cheating death, Ben said, “I was at school, walking down the hall. I could tell, I was about to faint, so I took the bench and sat on it. I passed out. After that, the very thing I see, that I woke up in EMS around me. I couldn’t talk or say anything, just watch what they are doing on me. They put the shock pad on me to revive, I heard one of them said, they are ready, and at the same moment, the other guy said, “Go now! I passed out again, my heart stopped. I passed out and wasn’t breathing till 3 minutes.”

After that, a few months later, on Christmas morning- Everyone had gathered for the celebration, and then and there, Ben passed out while jumping on the trampoline.

His heart never revived again. Maybe he has in the different world, where he was destined to be.

Ben was only 18 years old when he went to the other side.

As and when he passed away, ben’s friends asked his parents about their views on the video. The parents were mourning for his death and had no possible idea about it. They never thought that their son had done something like that. At first, they couldn’t believe that Ben had posted his story on YouTube just a few days before his demise. When they saw the video given below, they realised that Ben is in a better place now.

Today, the video has almost reached more than 9 million views.

In the video, Ben also talks about God, angel, and the other world. Challenge your beliefs with this powerful video by Ben Breedlove.

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When He Wakes Up On The Way To Funeral

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When he wakes up on the way to funeral

What do you feel when you get to know that the dead ones in whose funeral parade you are walking in, gets up suddenly? Do you feel aghast or happy? It’s hard to say, well, someone should take people reviews when this happened in India. People were shocked when the 17 years old Kumar, who’d been reported as a dead by relatives and parent awoke in his death-casket on the way to the funeral.

Today in the magazine of the Online funeral template, we are going to talk how Kumar Marewad, a 17 years old boy come back from the funeral.

Kumar Marewad was bitten by a homeless dog about 25+ days before in a city in India. The bite from the dog causes him a viral infection, leading him to get ill from high fever.

His parents hoped that he would recover, but sadly it hasn’t happened. His condition kept on going bad at the hospital and there comes a time when he was on the ventilator. Eventually, Kumar was taken off from the life support. Doctors told his family members that he won’t get by it and possibly die within a few days.  When asked from his brother-in-law about the incident, Sharanappa Naikar said, “We have made our heart to take Kumar home after doctors told us that his options of living were quite small once taken off the ventilator.” Nevertheless, the family brought him back. Soon after, they were sure that he had gone from this world. They started making funeral arrangements to pay him the last visit of his life. But as they begin to be escorted his body to the funeral service, he suddenly comes alive.

Kumar suddenly opened his eyes, shaken both his hands and legs and starts breathing at a faster pace. In a rush, people get amused with what just happened but did take him to the hospital and put back on a ventilator.

When asked the doctor about his amusing incident, Mahesh Neelakhantannavar said, “We think Kumar is suffering from meningoencephalitis, an infection caused due to dog bites,”

As of now, Kumar is still recovering from the hospital; temporarily his family is looking for support from their people and community to continue his treatments.

You can come forward and help them if you sincerely wish to. Now tell what do you think of this weirder than fiction story? Let us know in the comments!

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